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Orrin & Jeri Zimmerman - Chatfield MN



We owned our FL timeshare for approximately thirty years and had many wonderful vacations while our children were young. Our family wasn't able to use the timeshare any longer so we needed a company to transfer the deed to another interested couple. (We provided the names and pertinent information of this couple) We learned about Liberty Consultations through our timeshare management company. We liked the fact that they were veteran owned so hoped this would speak to the company's honesty and integrity. We did call to check the progress on a regular basis and they were always available, polite, and willing to answer questions. Our final step in the process was completed this week after approximately 6 weeks. We were very happy that we selected Liberty Consultations to work with us in this transfer.


William Sargent 


We have dealt with several companies in the Timeshare Disposal Industry before, But this is the first one who actually did everything they promised, even when they incurred extra difficulties and expense. We are so glad that we finally got what we paid for.



Charles & Donnell Baer - St. Augustine Florida


We came to them with 2 Timeshares that we have tried to get rid for years. Liberty was completely honest with us about what it may take to get rid of our Timeshares. But, to our surprise, they were able to get rid of both of our Timeshares in less then 6 months. My family appreciates the time and effort they put towards getting rid of our Timeshares and we definitely recommend them, if anything their honesty.


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