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LIBERTY Consultations Inc., was developed after many years of research and experience working within the fields of travel sales and marketing. With over 40 years of combined experience including Project Management, Quality Control, Membership Services and Administrative Management in the fields of Travel including Timeshare and Travel Club Organizations, we saw there needed to be a change on how the transfer process was handled for multiple forms of Ownership or
We have developed a process, that creates a smoother transition. Since 2001 the process of transfer was fairly simple, but do to the changes in the industry, recording offices and resorts have made it more difficult to transfer Deeds and/or Memberships. We have now streamlined this process to ensure each transfer is smooth, thus creating a headache free transition for both LIBERTY and our clients.
Our existing clients like the fact we keep them involved during the transfer process, LIBERTY does not collect resort transfer fees, if any, we have set up the process as to where, you the client pays the resort transfer fee direct, thus ensuring the transfer is completed. The problem with other transfer companies is they collect both their fee and the resort transfer fee; this is not good business, once they have both fees, there is no incentive or guarantee the transfer will be completed. They are supposed to keep the resort transfer fee in an escrow account, unfortunately this practice is rarely done. We have found that empowering you the client, with a shared responsibility the transfer gets done. The answer is simple, LIBERTY is your Go-To choice when it comes to transferring your property and or membership. You can rest assured once we receive your transfer agreement, WE WILL GET THE

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