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We at LIBERTY CONSULTATIONS INC. are driven to assist you in the investigation , cancellation and/or renegotiation of your Contracts or Financial Obligations with a Timeshare Resort.

LIBERTY is an Consultation, Investigation and Negotiation organization that assists in the development of the necessary paperworks and needed Expert Testimony and Evidence to either facilitate a complete cancellation of contract, renegotiate and/or build the necessary case against a contractee to facilitate legal proceedings through an Attorney. 
If the contractee/organization is not willing to negotiate and or cancel agreements signed under duress and/or fraudellant sales tactics. The case will be moved to the necessary components including attorneys and specialized State Groups and Bureaus to investigate the purchase with our assistance. 
If the case goes to Civil Proceedings, LIBERTY will provide all the necessary documentation and Expert Testimony at no charge to you. 
Any and all attorney's fees additional, will be either handled by percentage and or negotiated by LIBERTY, so the cost will be minimal to you the client and all money's additional will be within the final judgement. 

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