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Joseph Grange & Family 

We came to Liberty on behalf of my father who is 92 years of age. Wyndham had sold my father over $66,000.00 worth of points in a 4 year time frame from the ages of 84 to 88. They sold him these additional points programs using our family as reason to continue buying all these points, they lied to him and used his age and family legacy against him. 

We came to Liberty asking for help and they were extremely honest with process and honest about our chances. I was impressed at their honesty, I didn't expect it. Liberty's staff worked extremely hard for my father and successfully got all the new contracts cancelled and a full refund of the $66,000.00. Wyndham even took back the older ownership to where my father nor our family was no longer responsible for any Wyndham product.

Thank You Liberty, your Honesty, compassion and professionalism was above and beyond what I expected.


Kent & Christine Malan

We bought Mountianside Resort a few years ago and were very unhappy with what we actually received, not what we were contracted. The truth is the sales people and sales management lied to us and we did not know better at the time. We hired Liberty to help us with our dire situation. Liberty was very straight up with us and helped us convince the resort to cancel the ownerships of the additional purchases and then they Transferred us out of the Original Timeshare we owned that was paid off. We are no longer Timeshare owners, Thanks to Liberty.


Kenneth & Lynn Wilkins 

We contacted Liberty to help us get out of a very bad purchase we made with Welk Resorts. They were very honest in explaining that Welk was extremely difficult to negotiate with and very rarely Cancelled any contracts. They had no Deed back programs and some of their properties were on Indian Reservations in which made it almost impossible to legally pressure them into a negotiated cancellation. Somehow Liberty was able to get Welk's to cancel all new purchases and got them to make an offer on the final part of the ownership. We are now Welk's free and very appreciative of what Liberty has done for us.


Andre & Angel Andrade 

We went on a vacation at a Wyndham property and loved it. We were invited to a presentation and was offered some gifts to do so. Once we got to the presentation we realized that it was a huge mistake, it was non stop pressure for hours by multiple people. Finally one representative said they would act as our personal travel planner. Once we got home and attempted to use what they sold us we realized not only were we lied to but when we tried to contact the salesman he never answered his phone and after many voicemails he never called back. We asked for Liberty's help because we didn't know what to do. Liberty jumped right in and after about 7 months of following their process, Wyndham made an offer and we excepted it. If it wasn't for Liberty we would have been stuck with this Lemon.

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